Pole dancing has morphed, particularly in the past five years or so, into a different form. It has largely lost its previous image, and is now commonly seen as a vehicle in which to exercise, build up muscle strength and tone, as well as have a good time.

Exercising, for many, is a boring but necessary pastime – we don't always have enough time to do it with our largely sedentary lifestyle and 9-5 working habits. In fact, modern life has seen exercising slip down the list of people as they race to get a better job, a larger house, etc.

When it actually comes to exercising, if we are out of shape then we don't necessarily want to play team sports or be seen running around a park. We are self-conscious of our appearance, and this is usually the instigation for us starting our exercise regime. We can feel we will let down our team if we play team sports, or be laughed at by others for our ineptitude or low level of fitness.

It seems rather a stretch then, to go for pole dancing. A pole dancing expert will dangle and spin their finely tuned body round the pole, showing off their skill, dexterity, strength and fitness. They are the definition of the perfect female form. So why would you choose a pole dancing class for exercise?

The exercises at a pole dancing class will initially start off quite easy. Even those who have quite low physical fitness will be able to perform them. Most pole dancing classes are for women only, so there will be no chance of getting embarrassed in front of watching men. The groups are there to support each other, and like a weight watchers club can aid in weight loss, a pole dancing class can pool together to help each other increase their personal fitness.

Over the weeks and perhaps months you take pole dancing classes, you will feel your confidence grow. Your body will become stronger, and you will be able to perform more advanced routines on the pole. This feels like a greater accomplishment than being able to run slightly longer on a treadmill – it feels like a tangible thing that you can use in your life. You will feel more confident in your personal appearance, and will carry yourself with a newfound demeanor.

Pole dancing classes may be the best fitness option that you ever choose, and you may never look back.

Source by Claire Jarrett

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