Too often we want to be something that nature never intended us to be. It is our genetic disposition which will determine whether we are Skinny v Curvy.

Basic guidelines for body shape:

  • Ectomorph: a lean, lightweight frame that performs best at sports requiring muscle endurance.
  • Endomorph: a heavier frame which naturally carries more body fat and does best in sports requiring power, and body weight force.
  • Mesomorph: a naturally muscular frame, with low body fat and excel in sports requiring strength and power.

So how do we change our body shape?

Do not set unrealistic goals. Those beautiful bodies on the cover of magazines have all been photo-shopped. Whether you are skinny or curvy you can shape your body to some extent. As long as we realize there is no right or wrong in the skinny v curvy debate.

Measure don’t weigh!

Rather measure key areas like your waist, hips, chest, upper arms etc. instead of just your weight. Calculate you BMI (Body Mass Index) and have your body fat measured. There are online calculators for BMI – just Google it.

No DIETING and very little exercise

The diet industry has become huge, and for me the thought of dieting brings up negative thoughts – mostly about starving myself. After nearly thirty years of battling the bulge, I finally came to realize two things.

Firstly I had to find an exercise plan and an eating plan that I could make a permanent part of my lifestyle. Following the latest fad in diets or exercise programs was not going to give me a permanent solution. Secondly I am an Endomorph, I would never look like a body builder, and made peace with it.

A happy ending

In the end I combined all the bits of knowledge I had gained from following other plans, and developed my own plan. I only exercise for 30 minutes three times a week and eat normal every day foods six times a day. I may not look like a body builder, but I no longer concern myself with the skinny v curvy debate. My BMI is within normal range and I am fit, very healthy and most importantly, content with my own body.

Source by Leon Dewet Nel

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