My favorite coffee shop is right around the corner from my house. They make delicious dark roast coffee and even though I work from a home office with a coffee maker almost within arms reach, I find it refreshing to walk over, get out of the office for a moment and buy one of theirs.

Once I am there it’s hard to leave with out something deliciously decadent.

MMmmmmm deep chocolate cake with fudge in the middle & cream cheese icing on top makes my mouth water & entices me to buy, even though sweets are not my favourite food.

They position the goodies right in my face, a tempting array in a spotless, gleaming glass case next to the cash.

The service is leisurely to give visitors time to peruse everything before their order is taken.


Weight Watchers get out of my way!

5 tips to temp your customers to sample your wares

1. Position yourself in front of prospects often.

2. You don’t have to list your whole menu of products/services.

3. Consistently make attractive, easy to understand offers.

4. At a very minimum, deliver on what you sold.

5. Make sure your customers understand the icing on the cake of what you offer

If they don’t like the cake, no amount of icing, even in their favourite flavour, is going to entice them to buy a slice again.

Surprisingly, even though they have some great tasting products they bake themselves, the coffee shop around the corner has made some fatal errors and I don’t expect them to be around much longer. Instead of spending time and money marketing they have redecorated twice in the year since this owner purchased the business. The transition from running a large business with lots of resources to being hands on in a small business is just not working….probably better for my waistline but not for the neighbourhood!

Source by Nancy Fraser

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