Eventually, this will happen to everyone on a diet, sooner or later your weight loss rate will become slower, until it halts completely. To most people this is a big mystery. They are still eating healthy, working out 4-5 times a week, so why does it not work anymore?

The answer is simple; your body adjusts itself based on what you do with it. Give your body less food, and it will simply decrease the metabolism. To put it another way, if you want the temperature inside your house to always be at 23 degrees, you will have to turn up the ovens when it gets colder outside, and the other way around. So, how can we fool our body so that it will continue to burn calories the same way it did when we started on a diet?

Well, have you ever poured gasoline on a fire? The body works the same way, instead of eating less, eat more a couple of days every week. Do not go all out and eat junk the whole day, but increase your carbohydrate intake. This will make your metabolism increase for 2-3 days, and then you have to do it again. This actually has a name; it is called “refeeds”.

The reason for eating large amounts of carbohydrates a couple of days a week is that carbohydrates the level of hormones in your body that has to do with your metabolism. Now, if you want to take your diet even further, remember that sometimes you actually have to take a break to let your body adjust again. A break does not mean you have got a green card for eating burgers every day, it simply means eat a little more, add more carbohydrates, but keep it healthy.

Good luck!

Source by Kristoffer Ustad

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