People interested in losing weight want to know ‘what is a calorie shifting diet’? This diet is a specific plan designed to fight the slowdown that will occur in the metabolism when too few calories are consumed. The reason so many dieters find it difficult to lose weight is that our bodies are designed to preserve fat stores. Calorie shift diets are designed to fool the body so that it will release it’s stored fat and have a fully functioning metabolism.

A calorie shift diet keeps your metabolism at normal speed by shocking your system with different daily calorie intakes. The metabolism will not become complacent like it would on a 1300 calorie a day diet that is kept up for months at a time. The weight loss plan works by allowing you to eat different amounts of calories every day. One day you could eat 1200 calories and the next day you could consume 2300. You could eat 1300 calories for a whole week and then eat 2000. This eating plan will keep the body fully functioning and ready to release weight.

Furthermore, this plan is designed to trick your system. You end up eating more calories, and more meals per day, but your meals are different. Sometimes you eat more calories, sometimes you eat less, but each day it is different. Also, you can cheat on this diet. Most diets are designed to be very strict, but this one allows even cheat days. And the best of all, you can repeat the diet any time you want. So take a break from it, as recommended, and 3 days later you can start again. Now, another good thing about this diet Is that you will east the foods you choose and foods you like.

There are various of these weight loss plans available but they all follow the same basic principle previously outlined. Some weight loss plans suggest switching up the amounts of carbohydrate to protein ratio that are consumed. Other plans suggest eating more protein for a couple of days if you have been on a low carbohydrate plan for a while. There is one plan that proposes staying on a set amount of calories for 11 days and then for 3 days indulging in whatever you like. So what is a calorie shifting diet? It is a diet that is very simple to use, and has been popular for many years now!

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