Weight watcher plan is a very successful weight loss program, that focuses on well balanced and low fat nutrition and good exercising. It’s basically a diet program where every single food product has an energy value which is expressed in so called “weight watcher points” where for example 100 grams of white bread has around 6 of them, while the same piece of cake has 10 points of the same weight.

There are calculators where you can calculate your food and meal values yourself. It’s based on a system that basically calculates the number of calories, the amount of fibre grams, and the amount of fat grams.

And therefore creating an unique but very profound and innovative way of telling us energetic value of food we are consuming. Study showed that people using this method and following the diet, in average lose around 6 pounds in a range of two years.

But remember thats the average, the most committed lost even as much as 50 pounds. The programs is also recommended for people that are experiencing an increase in weight or have family history of problems that can be triggered by excessive weight, such as diabetes or heart disease, it might have a significant impact on their health.

The actual highlight of this program is that you don’t actually have to give up any of your favourite food. Another plus of the program itself is that it’s actually very flexible and can adapt to your lifestyle.

To sum up, it’s a program that enables you to lose weight even without sacrificing any of your favourite food, it measures the energetic value of the food with so called “weight watcher points”. I can give you a tip of my own at the end, it’s a good program but it wont help you if you are not strictly following it and if you don’t have the will to finish it.

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