If you want to lose those excess pounds, then you need these weight loss tips for women. These are all proven effective and safe…

Since I was in college, I only have one problem which I always have a hard time dealing with and that is my weight. I tried taking strong diet pills but made me only end up in the hospital. So today I’m sharing with you some of the most important lessons I’ve learned while I was trying to shed some pounds which also happens to be great tips in losing excess pounds fast.

Lesson #1: Never skip your meals

Since I want to get rapid weight loss, I thought skipping meals would help but then I was wrong. It only made me end up feeling hungrier than ever that I can almost finish up twelve slices of pizza in one sitting! If you want to shed those pounds fast, please do not skip your meals. You can divide it into six small servings if you want and eat each serving throughout the day for additional energy.

Lesson #2: Never take strong diet pills

As I stated above, strong diet pills only made me end up in the hospital for days. You might get the results you want fast with these kinds of pills but the risks are high. You will surely experience side effects such as palpitation, dizziness and you may even develop insomnia in the long run.

These lessons should be taken seriously if you want to live a healthier life for a long time!

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