Food is the key to gain or lose weight for any one may it be overweight men or overweight women. Weight loss foods are not very much different from the normal food; the only difference is in the calorie value of the food content. Having layers of fat all over the body is an embarrassing situation. No one wants this situation to come in life.

The present lifestyle of the people makes them prone to many obesity related diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, fatigue etc, but right eating habits can help you keep these problems at bay. Weight loss foods have less calories, and so are easier to digest.

Overweight women should first decide how much they can afford to stay away from those high calories, oily greasy food stuffs which they always crave for. If there is determination in the person to lose weight, that person can soon achieve his/her target.

Weight loss foods can be any composition diet, which has been chosen wisely. Some of these tricks to choose food for overweight women are given below:

• Roughage – In terms of Salads which are full of raw vegetables should be taken before the meals.

• Overweight woman can replace chapattis and rice with gram flour and brown rice respectively.

• It’s wiser to choose Foods containing lesser carbohydrates whenever dining out with friends and relatives.

• Take Fruit juice in the morning. It is very beneficial for health.

• Take a tea spoon of pure Aloe Vera juice in the morning and evening, around 30 minutes before taking meals.

• Cut down caffeine in every form, whether coffee or tea.

• Replace whole wheat preparations with oatmeal and barley.

• Avoid junk food and oily eating stuff completely.

Source by Khushi Garg

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