While many associate eating fatty foods with the fat we accumulate on our bodies, it is actually a common misconception of how we develop fat mass. To understand how the body uses what we eat and how you can manipulate your food intake and weight-loss workout in a healthy and effective way, it is a good idea to take a close look at the basics. Weight-loss workouts must be designed to accompany a weight-loss diet.

Looking at the function that these foods have with our bodies can explain a lot. Carbohydrates are also often referred to as glucose or glycogen. This is what carbs are broken down into in the body, and what the body can use to make energy (one of three food types). Any Glucose that is not used to made energy will eventually get stored in the form of glycogen in the body.

Glucose essentially sugar, and is the first substance the body uses when it wants to create energy. The best weight-loss workouts will use up all of the stored glucose for energy and then move onto breaking down fat for energy. The more carbs we eat, the larger the stores become, until they eventually turn to fat.

Fatty foods that are ingested can also be used to make energy, and in fact, there are more body parts and organs that will first use lipids to create energy before any others. An example of this is the heart. In traditional carnivorous diets, 80% of calories consumed actually came from fats, and only 20% from protein.

In today's conventional diets, the percentages have completely changed, and incorporate a large percentage of carbohydrates, and as little as 25 or 30% fat. Here is what is so fundamental to having a diet that will aid in weight-loss.

Ketones are used to produce energy and are a product of metabolizing fat. Ketones can be created from free-fatty acids in times when the body is not receiving enough food, and they can actually substitute the action of glucose. They are sent to cells which use mitochondria to create APT, or can be used in cells which use glucose along with bacteria to create energy.

With a high-fat diet, you'll eat less carbohydrates and increase Ketones. This is known as ketosis- having the body use fat to metabolize energy, whether it comes from your intake or what you already have stored.

If you are doing regular weight-loss workouts and are substituting proteins for carbs, the problem is that your body will still not be using the fat-stores you have accumulated to create energy. Fat stores- that stuff that accumulates around our midsection-are intended to be used for energy creation in periods when our bodies are not getting enough food to create energy. For this reason, it is natural to have the body use fat for energy, especially when intending to lose fat mass.

Start by being aware of what you are eating, and be mindful of cutting out the right foods. This way, your weight-loss workouts will be the most effective in assisting your body to burn fat off.

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