To diet or not to diet? That is the question. With so many stories of disappointment and failure permeating our society, this question becomes even more challenging than it has to be. The truth is that most of us want to achieve weight loss and fat loss success, but deciding whether to diet or not to diet is the thing that determines our willingness to transform. The following is a short list of three questions everyone should consider when making one of the most important life decisions around.

1- Can You Afford It?

It’s no secret that we haven’t been in a great economic situation for the last little while, and professional weight loss systems often feel like an unnecessary expense for the average person. Personal trainers can charge upwards of $50/hour and ‘flash diet’ programs often set you back $1000s of dollars by the time you’re done with them when you factor in cost of food, seminars and the program itself.

While a marginal investment is sometimes enough to keep us motivated, it does no good to sacrifice your finances for the chance of being thin. Yes, weight loss is ultimately priceless, but real weight loss solutions are what they are because they deliver in service, quality AND price.

2- Is Your Diet Suitable For You?

Everybody is different, so why are so many diets food plans so broad and generic? From our respective metabolic rates to our personal fitness and dietary habits, everyone has different requirements that will optimize their weight loss and fat loss potential. No nutritional or fat loss plan will be successful if it does not respect your body’s fundamental needs.

Believe it or not, your body WANTS and is TRYING to lose weight! Whether or not you succeed depends on the way you respond to your body’s needs. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just had a baby or if you’re in the best shape of your life, the formula is the same for everyone: make it specifically about you!

3- How Will You Feel While You’re Dieting?

Weight loss is a multi-faceted endeavor that affects your mind, body and spirit. Because of this, it is essential that you consider all three aspects of your life when deciding whether to diet or not to diet. If what you’re doing doesn’t make you feel absolutely phenomenal in each of these areas, it is time to drop out!

So many people lose weight on flash diets by starving themselves or excluding so many of the foods their body is begging for. Success through hunger and deprivation is no success at all, so it is important to determine whether or not the necessary sacrifices so many diets enforce are worth it to you.

We have barely scratched the surface on some of the most fundamental considerations one must make when deciding to diet or not to diet. For most people, the thought of expensive, exclusive and compromising paths to weight loss are deemed not worth it. Fortunately, many have learned the value of dropping out from rigid diets and discovered real success on their own. Anyone can make it work, it is simply a matter of getting to know yourself.

Source by Mark Everly

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