Searching for the best diet program can be time consuming in itself. There are diet programs that are set out for you, with books and prepackaged meals, and diet programs that you customize to your own individual needs. Here you will find short descriptions of some of the most popular diet programs to help you begin your search.

Weight Watchers – This program is for those concerned with their weight. The basic concept of this diet program is that food is ranked by a point value system and you may eat so many points per day or week. Recently, Weight Watchers has come up with variations of the way one counts his or her points to give the dieter more options and keep them feeling less restricted while on the diet program. You may find many frozen foods at your local grocer that will tell you how many points it contains based on the Weight Watchers system.

South Beach – This is a diet program with a healthy twist. The program is designed to help you lose weight by restricting “bad” carbs. The main staples of this diet program are going to be the same that you will find with any “heart healthy” diet. It has its own line of frozen foods to help you make the right choices when in a hurry.

Atkins – This diet program helps you to lose weight by restricting all carbs. Many of its opponents, some being health professionals, claim that it is unhealthy. However, this diet has a lot of loyal followers since it helps you shed pounds quickly while eating steak, bacon, eggs, and other high protein options.

Your own customizable diet program – most diet programs are geared towards losing weight. However, there are some that have no weight to lose, yet have other reasons they need to come up with a diet program for themselves. For example, someone with high blood pressure may need a sodium restricted diet. This kind of diet program is a little harder for some because you constantly have to read labels, but the effort is usually worth it.

You may need to try several diet programs before you find out which one is easiest for you to enjoy and reach your goals with. Remember, if you try a diet program and constantly find yourself eating things you are not supposed to, your best bet would be to move on to the next one rather than sticking with one that is hard for you to follow.

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