The raw food diet is gaining steam in the dieting community. It is somewhat similar to vegetarian diets because most of the food sources come from plants. Raw foods contain nutrients that are usually lost when preserved, put in a can or cooked.

In this diet you eat food in their natural pure state. You do very little cooking and adding of processed foods if any.


-Diet is very clean

-You eat a lot of vegetables and get lots of water

-IF you can learn to eat this way weight loss is usually permanent


-Very restrictive diet

-Takes a good amount of discipline and getting used to

-Diet can be rather bland because of the restrictiveness

Carbs are somewhat restricted on this diet plan. Most carbohydrates come from vegetables but since vegetables can contain very little carbs you need to eat quite a bit. That is one reason why you eat a lot of salads on this diet. There are even morning meals that consist of a salad. Dieters receive most of their protein from nuts and legumes.

Dairy is also not allowed on this diet and if you like milk you will have to opt for coconut milk. If you love milk then you’re in trouble.

If you want a little variety in your drinking you are allowed to drink juices if they are one hundred percent juice.

There are a few things some people do to add variation into this diet:

1. Make your own cheese

2. Add processed grains in moderation

3. Cook your vegetables in moderation

Like any diet that eliminates specific types of food this diet can be very hard to follow and stick to for a long period of time.

Source by Ashley Atkinson

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