If you have heard the term Super-food quite often in recent times and have wondered, what it is all about, here is your answer. Super foods are those foods that while providing the body with rich nutrients are low in calorie. So they not only help you lose weight really fast, they also help in fighting illness and aging process by providing necessary boost to the immune system. As a result of thorough research, some food items have been given the status of super-foods and they are essential to everyone’s diet irrespective of whether you want to lose weight really fast or not.

Acai Berry

Rated as the number 1 super food and widely promoted by stars like Oprah Winfrey, Acai berry in the form of fruits and supplements helps lose weight really fast. Acai berry is blessed with all nutrients that the body requires. It promotes metabolism, provides clarity to mind, strengthens the immune system, promotes good sleep and acts as a powerful anti oxidant. When the body experiences such positive effects, it automatically begins to lose weight really fast.


Grapefruit diet is known to help lose weight really fast. This is not just a random fact but this is backed up by a solid study that was conducted at the Clinic of Scripps, California is 2004. The study revealed that consuming half a grape fruit before every meal can help you lose weight really fast. Whether you take in the form of fruit, juice or capsules, the effect is the same. An entire grape fruit has only about 80 calories. Additionally, grapefruit also has cancer-fighting abilities.


Sardines are among the cheapest and most widely available super foods that while tasting good help in losing weight really fast. As sardines are filled with protein, they help in stabilizing the levels of blood sugar and make you feel quite full. Sardines also help in stimulating metabolism. Additionally, they form a rich source of Omega-3s. This helps in providing extra strength to your cardio vascular system. Sardines are also devoid of contaminants like heavy metals and mercury.


Broccolis are high in vitamins and low in calories. Whether taken in the form of soup or salad, it helps in weight management. If you find the usual broccoli dishes boring, you could fry broccoli with a bit of scallions and garlic. You could jazz it up with a bit of soy sauce to give an oriental finish.


For years, Popeye has been showing us the right way to lose weight really fast. However, fresh spinach is highly recommended to canned spinach. Spinach is high in Vitamin K, C, A and B. Its also an effective anti oxidants. Make a salad with raw spinach and add vinegar and olive oil dressing. To make it more interesting, slice boiled egg into pieces and add them to the salad.

Apart from the above-mentioned oats, walnuts, berries, pumpkins and apples also come under the category of Super-foods that can help you lose weight really fast.

Source by Frey Agyare

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