When assessing all of the myriad diet plans available, it is not at all uncommon for someone to wonder about the pros and the cons of a low carb diet plan. These diets involve reducing the amount of complex carbohydrates one eats each day while simultaneously increasing the protein that one consumes. Complex carbs are commonly derived from foods containing sugars and starches. Low carbohydrate diets basically work by changing how the body processes food for energy, and causes one’s body to burn off excess fat stores. These diets definitely have clear benefits and disadvantages.

The pros linked to a low carb diet plan include things like the fact that the dieter does away with foods that contain nothing but “empty calories.” Soda, sugars, pastries, chips, and greasy junk foods are eliminated. What’s more, these diets can help re-train the dieter so that they begin to make far better food selections in the future. In addition, dieters have found that fairly rapid weight loss can be achieved with such diet; the faster one loses the pounds he or she wants to lose, the more likely they are to remain committed and dedicated to their dieting endeavors. Seeing positive results encourages the dieter to work toward his or her ultimate weight loss goal.

A low carbohydrate diet plan is ideal for some diabetics as well. This diet can actually get blood sugar levels under control and they can help prevent the “up and down roller-coaster” spiking of glucose levels in the body. In addition, this diet allows dieters to actually enjoy foods that they love; the dieter can eat things like bacon, steak, fish, butter, dressings, and mayonnaise without feeling guilty or breaking their diet commitment. Since the dieter does not experience a sense of deprivation, this plan appeals to many dieters.

Some cons linked to a low carbohydrate diet occur during the initial stages of the diet. For example, a dieter may experience excessive fatigue, cramping of the muscles, and halitosis may also occur. These side effects are direct results of changes occurring in the body. The symptoms will pass and are merely temporary. Using vitamin supplements may help to diminish fatigue, and taking potassium supplements helps to deal with muscular discomfort. Sugar free mints and mouthwash can help diminish the issues one deals with in terms of halitosis.

Some researchers assert that if a low carb diet plan is relied on for the long term, the dieter may be at greater risk for cardiovascular conditions; it should be noted however, that a low carb diet can also lead to greater control over issues with hypertension and cholesterol.

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