I was always on the fat side as my immediate family and all the other relatives that I know are also chubby (except my cousin Ruthy, shes the only skinny one). So when I started my journey to weight loss, I knew that my genes were already on the other side of the battle. It was going to be hard, I knew that but I still trudged forward.

Why did I suddenly want to lose weight? I have no idea. Maybe because I just got off a really bad relationship and I wanted to start fresh. Or maybe because I was tired of always heading to the plus size section in the mall when I go shopping. In any case, here were some of the things I have done that made me lose 30 pounds in four months and how I kept the pounds off for the last six months.

o    I joined an online ‘Weight-Watchers’ like program. I knew that my family would make fun of me if I turned to them. Heck, I knew they will even talk me out of it so I had to turn to this online group for support. I asked other people how they dealt with losing weight and I learned a whole lot from this support group for people who are also going through weight loss.

o    I watched what I ate. I did not really have to cut back on eating to the point of starving myself. I just basically ate enough and I ate the right meals. Fast food is a no no but that did not mean I could not eat food that I love. I just had to find healthier alternatives which proved to be easy through the online weight group that I had.

o    I started to move around a lot. I bought this steps machine that was very compact that I could take it each time I had a business trip. I just used it like 15 to 30 minutes a day and even though it was hard to do initially, it became routinely as the weeks progressed. Kind of like brushing my teeth or feeding my cat. It even became my ‘me’ time as I got to watch TV while exercising. You may like to listen to music while you are exercising but it really depends on what you like.

o    I went cold turkey on sodas. This was a truly hard thing to do but what I did to further motivate me was that for each can of soda I did not buy, I saved the dollar-fifty and after a few months, my ‘cola savings’  was enough to buy me a weekend for me and my girlfriend in a posh hotel for a romantic getaway.

o    I kept track of my progress. This made me more pumped up to lose weight as I knew whatever I was doing was working.

This was how I lost weight and I am still doing what I did before just so I could keep the weight off. In the process, these weight loss ways have become a part of my lifestyle. And I hope they also become yours as you start your way to weight loss.

Source by David W Jackson

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