What Are Negative Calorie Foods?

Negative calorie foods are foods whose calorie level is so low that it takes more of your energy to digest them than there is in the food you’re eating.

Take water, for example. Water has zero calories. When you drink it you expend energy to bring it up to your blood temperature. So water is one of the negative calorie foods because every time you drink a glass of water you burn up a few calories and lose a little weight.

There are very few foods like this. Most of the things that are called negative calorie foods don’t really use more calories than they add – unless you remember that when you eat them your body is also expending energy just to stay alive.

For example, celery doesn’t have enough calories to make up for the energy it takes to digest it and the energy we burn up just being alive. So that’s why people call celery one of the negative calorie foods.

Will I Lose Weight Eating Negative Calorie Foods?

Although you will lose weight, if you only eat negative calorie foods you will end up starving. And nutritional deficiencies can arise very quickly.

Since the calories burned would primarily come from muscle mass the result would be debilitating. So eating negative calorie foods over the long term is definitely something to avoid.

How Should I Use Negative Calorie Foods?

A healthier approach to using negative calorie foods would be as a detox. It’s something you can do for anywhere from one to three days. For example, you might want to detox after the Christmas season or Thanksgiving – anytime you’ve eaten an over rich diet.

If you are otherwise healthy it can be a terrific way to cleanse your system and lose a couple of pounds along the way. Nonetheless you should still see your doctor before doing it.

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