Though it is very hard to do, the natural way to lose weight is still the best. Natural way means losing weight by gaining self control over the dietary habits and regular practice of physical activity. As you will be doing with your self esteem it will go a long way in your life, and also minimizes the chances of regaining weight. Here are a few dietary tips and simple exercises that can be practiced regularly by individuals of any age.

Dietary tips:

  • Most of them starve to lose weight. It will even worsen the situation, as it directs the body to reduce the calorie usage. Instead of starving or restricting yourself to three simple meals have frequent small meals, like reduce the quantity and increase the number of meals to 6 per day. This will keep up the metabolism and helps to burn more calories.

  • Reduce the intake of high calorie foods like sugars, carbohydrates and fat. Do not restrict the essential fatty acid group of foods. Consume protein rich foods. This will help to build muscles that help to burn more calories.

  • Restrict the amount of dairy foods, but do not totally avoid them as they are good source of calcium and vitamin-D that are essential to maintain bone density. You can consume skimmed milk instead of full cream milk.

  • Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid fruit drinks as they have additional sweeteners added. However consumption of fruits and vegetables as such will increase the amount of fiber intake that helps in the process of digestion. It helps to lose weight as it gives the feeling of fullness very easily and maintains it for a very long time so that you will not feel hungry.

  • Cultivate the habit of reading food labels and avoid fat and calorie rich foods. Another best solution to gain control over your eating habits is to record the foods you have daily in a diary.

Exercise tips:

  • It may be very difficult to people who are highly obese to start with heavy exercises. The best way is to start with very simple exercise, walking. Even if practiced regularly without any other exercise for about half an hour daily, this will burn great number of calories and helps to lose weight in long run.

  • Cycling and swimming are other simple exercises to lose weight.

  • A regular practice of yoga asana helps to lose weight, and an added benefit is that the breathing exercises help to improve the health of lungs and heart.

It is suggested to practice these exercises early in the morning before having breakfast with empty stomach. This will force the body to burn the reserve fat to meet the calorie requirements. It is advised to consult a doctor before you begin a weight loss regime to identify the underlying cause. Knowing the root cause will ease the process. Do not get into the fad diets or diet pills that promise to lose weight within a very short period. Fact is that if you choose fad diets there is an increased chance to gain more weight as they will not provide you of enough nutrients, and hence the body demands to consume more food that increases the number of your pounds.  

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