Each and every day we are constantly scrutinized and bombarded with media about our eating habits and what we should or should not be eating. While we know the right’s and wrong’s of what we should or should not be eating and that it’s unhealthy but it’s so good that we find it hard or we’re unable to stop. You physical health then takes and turn for the worst because we cannot or will not change our exercise or dieting habits.

Two things that have are an integral part of our nutrition are physical fitness and our emotions. Each plays a roll in how our body takes in and processes food after we eat. When people get some bad news most suddenly loose their willingness to eat. Our emotions clearly play an important roll in our ability to assimilate food. Our overall health is very dependent upon it.

Even if you’re a veteran raw-foodist, hopefully you will find some key thoughts in this article that will help you refine your diet and improve your overall health program. Here are some things to consider

1. Cravings

As we make the decision to start a raw food diet we feel the need for processed and cooked food. This need is persistent and hard to resist but is a perfectly normal experience.

In has been my experience that there are two reasons for our cravings: our nutritional and emotional responses.

Addressing the nutritional points are fairly simple: You’ll continue to have cravings for processed cooked foods if you fail to get into a routine of eating your fruits and veggies.

The toughest part of trying to get enough minerals from your veggies while not taking in too much fat from all the fruit.

A low fat diet is always the best way to steer you away from the cravings. While we unknowingly like fat it also increases our cravings. A nutritional and healthy path is always the best defense against the feared “cravings”.

But keep in mind though, that the average active woman should consume between 1800 to 2500 calories each day, and the average active man should consume between 2500 to 3000. A visit to http://www.fitday.com will be able to show you if you’re consuming enough vegetables and fruits to maintain you daily calorie intake.

2. Always Incorporate Fitness into your daily routine

Did you know that physically fit people are not necessarily healthy? Have you heard of athletes that have died of heart attacks? You can be physically fit and not healthy but not healthy without being physically fit.

Your health may still suffer even though you are watching your diet. You need to get to where your body fat index is optimal and you are above average in your fitness routine or you won’t get the results you want.

People who are physically fit not only digest their food better, the whole process of nutrition is dramatically improved with an improved fitness program. This means the food you eat will be assimilated better, you’re blood sugar will be more under control, and numerous other health advantages.

As always, improve on your areas of weakness first as these will be the hardest to overcome and bring greater joy early on when you achieve your goal but most of our weakness resides in the fitness portion of our lives.

3. Eating fruit before every meal is ideal

Making the move to a raw food diet can be made easier by including fruit first in your diet before each meal. Including fruit when you get hungry before linch and dinner will reduce the amount of food you eat during your regular meal. Eat as much fruit as you feel comfortable with for the best benefit.

This is what is called the transition strategy. Just get started by getting the raw food in by eating fruit at the beginning of each meal. Do you remember your mom telling you not to do that when you were a kid? But as we’ve all grownup and found out that the Standard American Diet didn’t work, we need to get back to our natural instincts to satisfy our natural sweet tooth craving by eating as much fruit as we need at the beginning of every meal.

4. Including Whole Grain in Your Diet

The benefits of including whole grains into your diet are widespread, from the toxic waste flushing antioxidant and fibers to the slow metabolizing carbohydrates that keep us going all day long. Experts have long agreed about the affects and benefits. Including 100% whole grain products into your diet will only do your body good. Our ancestors can’t all be wrong can they? As they lived very long and busy lives due to a high fiber grain diet.

You can either take the next 2 to 20 years to get your health in check or you can take a little time and do it in the next 2 months. You can’t argue the health benefits of a raw food diet.

Source by Robert Hirt

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