Losing weight after delivery is one of the most discussed topics among new mommies. And if you are one of them, then you would have received a host of advice (and orders too) on how to shed those extra pounds. Depending on the size of your family and friends circle – more the advice!

But it is easier said then done. They (our lovely family and friends) would never realise what a mammoth task it seems for us. Agreed that it’s not impossible, but getting out of our lovely nest of over a year (while being pregnant and post delivery), to start workouts is something tremendously difficult!

But I am sure none of us want to move around with those extra pounds either. Looking at the new mums on screen is definitely a motivator! They have all got back into shape so well – sometimes making us wonder if they ever went out of shape! They worked towards getting their figures back my dear, and so should we.

There are some easy exercises that we can adopt to start with:

Tummy Tuck!

Suck in your tummy – as if trying to make your navel meet your backbone. Keep your tummy tucked in and get your breathing to normal. Now go ahead with your usual chores – just remember to keep your tummy tucked in! This greatly improves your posture as well, making you look slimmer.

Yogic Bliss!

A simple yoga exercise, which can do wonders to your tummy. Practice quick breathing using your abdomen muscles. You should be able to see your stomach go in and out with every inhalation and exhalation. This should be done at a rapid pace. Repeat this couple of times through the day.

Walk with your baby!

Just take your baby out for walks – morning and evening. This is a simple start and would prove to be an enjoyable time for your baby as well! Try and manage inclines to get a better workout.

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