When it is about beers, there is absolutely no dearth of options. But, if you are connoisseur, then the run of the mill brands won't appease your tastes. If that's the case you want to lay your hands on the very best of the beers available. Here are some options you have got.

Those who have great understanding of the Standard English brew, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is the option. It is actually the best lager which is known for its balanced flavor. It maintains an ideal balance between being neither too powerful and nor too light. This beer can also be compared to the Zenmed Derma Cleanse Facial Cleanser which is neither too gentle nor too harsh to the skin. It provides effective cleansing to the skin without harming the pH balance.

Taddy Porter from the house of Samuel Smith is another great pick among lagers. Amidst various other brands, this one is the nearest the original potter. This one is an especially dark and full bodied beer. Go in for this one only if you like lagers with intense flavors. It's got a very strong and dry character of roasted barley.

Hoegaarden- Belgium White is a brilliant and surprising white beer. The glamorous smell of orange peel, spice and coriander adds delightful flavor to this lager. Orange peel however is also a great exfoliating agent for those that have acne-prone skin. Clearpores Skin Cleansing System is a good way to clear your skin from acne.

Dry stout by Guinness is another great pick in lagers. It is among the best known lagers around the world. For those that like dry stout, this one is the best choice. However, this one does not taste like typical dry stout. It is slightly soured by lactic acid bacteria, giving it a specific taste. In the event you wish to go in for the conventional picks, try Beamish stout or Murphy's stout.

Hefeweizen is another preferred type of beer. It is famous for its low hop acrimony and high carbonation. Weight watchers steer clear of this one. If you are fond of this sort of lager, then try Paulaner hefeweizen. This popular lager can be found almost anywhere so you will not have to try too hard looking for it.

To enjoy this beer, ensure that you serve this one absolutely chilled. Pour it in to a glass so you get all the yeast out of it. Consider squeezing a lemon into your glass for more flavor. But it is recommended that you first try the beer in its original form to enjoy its real taste.

Try any one of the discussed beers and you will surely have best time of your life.

Source by Adelle Harsh

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