Exercise: Goal Setting

Commitment requires goal setting. While picturing your goals is a good thing, it is not enough. You must put the pen to paper and set your goals. Magical things happen when you write goals out and read them in black and white. Let’s begin.

Collect your tools.

Get focused.

Write your name and date on the paper.

Write four ultimate goals.

Reread what you just wrote.

Get specific.

Getting Started

Let’s use a weight-loss goal to illustrate the process. Pretend you weigh 153 pounds and are a female of medium stature. You desire to be at your ideal weight, which is around 118 pounds. Now, let’s be real. You haven’t weighed 118 pounds since your wedding day. Dig deep, and figure out what exactly it is that you want.

Do you want to be healthy and happy, or do you want to be miserable trying to achieve something you really don’t want? I am guessing you want to be healthy and happy. We’ve established that 118 pounds for you right now is unrealistic and isn’t going to happen. Now, determine your ideal weight.

The first step in setting any goal is to realize what it is that you wish to accomplish and then confronting yourself with reality. Let’s begin this process logically. What can I live with?

You establish 130 pounds to that livable number. You even applied logic. You came to this conclusion because you weighed 130 pounds for the majority of your married life. It was only a few springs ago that you started packing on the weight. Recently you got a glimpse of your behind in a mirror. Ouch!

Doughnuts and pizza have taken over the rear. Wow, major reality check! You then strip yourself naked and find the courage to confront your reflection. Who is that person? Oh, it’s me. It’s been a very long time since you’ve really looked at yourself honestly. You are appalled and utterly disgusted with yourself.

You are so upset you decide to lose weight.

You don’t know what to do. You pout a little, maybe even cry a little, beat yourself up, and complain a lot. You get mad at your significant other because he failed to mention the fact that you were carrying a wide load. You lash out at your kids because they insist on Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies, and you chew your best friend out for not saying anything. Okay, enough is enough! It’s time to take action! That’s exactly what we’re about to do.

Let’s get started; grab a pen, tablet, journal, or just a plain piece of paper and start.

Getting Started

Write as follows: I, _____________________ weigh __________and desire to weigh ____________. I will accomplish this by: _______________

-admitting that I need help

-making an appointment with someone that will hold me accountable

-ridding the kitchen of unhealthy foods

-donating unopened foods to a food bank

-buying foods on the LPS grocery list found at the end of the book

-realizing that perfection is not the goal

-realizing that losing weight takes time, patience, and hard work

-drinking my six to eight glasses of water

-eating on schedule and eating only foods on the program

-practicing better eating habits

-regarding meal times as opportunities for conversation and socialization

-eating to fuel my body to maintain a healthy lifestyle

-establishing an exercise routine

-utilizing relaxation and positive oral self-talk exercises

-consciously making an effort to do a random act of kindness

-avoiding negative situations and negative people

-celebrating my accomplishments at the end of the day

-treating myself with positives like reading, watching a movie, getting my nails done, etc.

-practicing breathing exercises three times a day.

You get the point. However, because this goal will take a lot of time and hard work, you need to break it down into baby steps so you can have some immediate gratifications.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

-Maya Angelou

Source by Lorna Stremcha

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