It is not difficult to lose weight, but how to lose weight naturally and fast suggests that there is some unnatural way to lose weight. In fact there is, if you refer to weight loss pills or even a tapeworm diet as an unnatural way to lose weight, but there is nothing unnatural about dieting and exercising together so as to generate a ‘calorie deficit’ whereby you need more calories than your diet provides.

Even fasting is an unnatural way to lose weight to some, although it can be very beneficial if used sparingly – say fasting one day for 2-3 times each month. However, we shall not be referring to fasting, tapeworms or diet pills here, but to calorie deficits and exercise as being natural and fast ways of losing weight.

How do you generate a calorie deficit? In simple terms it is simply a situation whereby the exercise you are carrying out demands more energy (or calories) than is contained in the food you eat. Your biochemistry then seeks an emergency energy source within your body to use in order that you can maintain the level of exercise you are carrying out. Your body offers two short-term emergency energy sources that are used during anaerobic exercise where insufficient oxygen is available for the rapid glycolysis of blood glucose: namely creatine phosphate and glycogen.

While these sources are suitable for short-term needs, they would not be suitable emergency energy sources for longer term calorie deficits. The energy source used in that case would be fat deposits stored in specially designed fat cells. Each of us is born with a certain number of fat cells in which carbohydrates excess to our normal needs are stored in the form of fat.

This form of energy storage was developed in the early periods of human development when winters were harsh and food was scarce. Humans then lived on their fat during the lean periods, stocking up their fat cells during times of plenty. Even today, hibernating animals build up large stores of fat within their fat cells that are used by their metabolism while they sleep. All they need during hibernation is enough energy to maintain shallow breathing, a slow heartbeat and their biochemistry and central nervous system, all fed from fat reserves.

So fat is a natural source of carbohydrates that are converted to glucose when needed, and that then undergo glycolysis just like any other carbohydrate food source. If you want to lose weight once the initial excess water has been shed you must use up your fat reserves, or ‘burn the fat’ as they say. Ensuring that your exercise needs more calories than you eat makes certain that this condition is attained.

So the way to lose weight naturally is to eat less than you need for the exercise you carry out. Since extreme diets are not healthy because you must maintain a good degree of nutrition, it is better to ensure a calorie deficit through exercise than diet, though for those with poor eating habits a diet can also be used. Some fad diets do not offer sufficient nutrition for healthy weight loss. An example is the Atkins high protein diet which is low in phytonutrients such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and also some vitamins.

In fact, Dr. Atkins knew this, and made a great deal of money selling supplements to make up for the nutritional deficiency of his recommended diet. At least he recognized this, unlike many fad diets of today that do not pay nearly enough attention to their nutritional content. It is perfectly possible to eat a good nutritionally balanced diet and still lose weight fast.

It is also possible to east a high protein diet to lose weight even faster by eating proteins that contain carbohydrates and amino acids, and are less efficient at offering carbohydrates than regular diets. The protein, however, must be supplemented with colorful fruits and vegetables high in phytonutrients and vitamins.

A calorie deficit ensures that fat is converted to energy, and if you also carry out anaerobic exercises such as weights or fast sprinting, you can convert the amino acids into muscle tissue that accelerates weight loss due to its higher metabolic rate. It is not necessary to lift weights or sprint fast, but such anaerobic forms of exercise help you to lose weight even faster and develop even more muscle tissue. A good mix between high and low cardio aerobics and anaerobic exercises offer the best means of using calorie deficits to their maximum benefit.

To summarize this, how to lose weight naturally and fast is to create a calorie deficit by eating fewer calories than needed for the exercise you carry out. You can do this by replacing carbohydrates with protein and also eating highly colored nutritious fruits and vegetables, and also upping your regular exercise rate. The carbohydrate in protein provides some energy, but not a great deal, and the amino acids help build more muscle tissue that accelerates the natural weight loss by increasing your metabolism’s energy demand.

Source by Rachel Tan

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