Every winter, people tend to put on a few extra pounds as the cold weather just makes them want to snuggle up and not move. We have all been there, and I am here to help get you out of that situation with what I found to work for me. The three simple rules I followed in order to lose some weight are as follows:

1) First, always eat a healthy breakfast. Many people are skipping this meal these days, and I can’t begin to explain how much this will hold you back. Eating breakfast helps to increase your metabolism and keep your blood sugar at a constant and healthy level. Not to mention, it will help you to avoid snacking on junk food throughout the day and making silly food choices that you will regret later. If you are unsure of what to eat for breakfast, try eating both fiber and protein so that the amount of calories that you take in stays low and you avoid that unwanted bloatedness.

2) Increase your fiber intake! Fiber is a great way to add substance to your food without adding those stubborn calories. Fiber also helps you to be able to eat your snacks during the day and still be able to lose weight. But be sure to avoid any breads made from white-flour (or other similar products) and eat wheat bread, wheat cereals, fruits, veggies, beans, and certain nuts instead.

3) Give a strong boost to your exercise level! People love to think that if they diet right, then they wont have to work out. That could not be more untrue. Lazyness is unacceptable when trying to lose weight. You have to increase your activity level along with these food tips in order to see real results. But exercising can be a lot of fun! Find some sports or outdoor activities that you enjoy to do, and find a friend to accompany you while you give it a try. I promise that you will start to see results in no time at all. And remember the fact that muscle burns more calories than fat, so you will begin to tone up your muscles soon and get rid of that stomach fat that you’ve been dying to leave behind for years.

Source by Amy Leonard

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