One of the barriers to exercise for some people who want to lose weight can often be the potential financial 'cost' required to achieve their goal.

Of course, this then becomes one of the many contributing factors or excuses when a person decides NOT to do anything about their seemingly out of reach idea of ​​losing weight!

In this article, I aim to squash the belief that attempting to lose weight will make your purse or wallet lighter! Instead, I will give you some ways in which you can lose weight for FREE! Yep, thing's you can do that will help you shed that unwanted body fat rather than your money!

First, let's look at things that might help you in your quest for weight loss but typically cost money:

Gym Membership
Dietary Changes increasing shopping bill
New Wardrobe
Personal Trainer (maybe)
Magazines / research / internet sites
Clubs / Classes ie weight watchers etc

Now let's break some of these down and see if we can find alternatives that may help us to lose weight for free.

Gym Membership – Do you really need a gym to train? This is another misconception, that weight loss MUST be achieved in the gym environment. Not necessarily. Are there sports that you can play with friends? Could you go for a run? Cycle? The options are vast. The best part – You lose weight for free!

Dietary Changes – OK certain foods that are 'organic' or healthy do seem to be slightly marked up compared to the unhealthy foods but if you're looking at your diet as a whole, then your shopping bill should decrease! Eg Porridge oats are 40p in a supermarket where as a box of Frosties go for around £ 2 – A big saving. Cutting out needless and expensive snacks will also help cut the costs down.

Supplements – There's no way to get around paying for supplements unless you get a sponsorship deal! Luckily, supplements are only optional anyway and there are far more important things you can do for your fat loss efforts. The supplements I would consider essential are very cheap too.

New Wardrobe – Honestly, would you complain if you had this problem? Probably not because it would indicate that you've achieved your result!

Personal Trainer – A good personal trainer should be able to train you specifically for your goals and needs but most importantly, keep you motivated through proper goal setting and relating them back to your reasons for training.

If you know what you're doing in terms of following a program, then you could try and train with a friend who has similar goals. This can have the same motivational benefits as you both rely on one another not to let the other person down! Free motivation!

Be sure to help each other set 'SMART' goals like I did during my 8 week fat loss transformation .

A smart goal is:

T.ime Framed.

Mags / Research / Clubs / Classes – You can find a wealth of info on the internet for free! Just be careful because there is a lot of outdated and plain wrong information online too! Clubs like weight watchers shouldn't be needed if you do your research. You can get the support aspect of these clubs if you train with a friend who shares similar goals. You both lose weight for free!

There are often a multitude of excuses that come up when people are asked about their fitness goals – hopefully, now 'cost' will not be one of yours!

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