How to know if you are using fat as a way of hiding from the world

Very often people unconsciously hold onto fat as a way of hiding a secret or something about themselves that they don’t want to share, much in the same way a child might hide under a blanket. Food itself is a great way of stuffing down words and feelings that you either wish you didn’t have or don’t want to share. Some of the most common things that I see people try to hide with fat are:

Having a lot of debt: People with large amounts of debt often overeat as a way of stuffing down the bad feelings around debt.

Not feeling safe or happy in a relationship. Example: Partner is cheating or is abusive and you don’t know what to do about it.

Being a victim of past sexual violation: People use fat this way in the misguided belief it will protect them from future pain.

Being overly sensitive to other’s problems and trying to put up a buffer. (This is a problem that nurses and other healers often have.)

Being very unfulfilled in a career. Example: the artist who is trying to make a career as a lawyer because it pays better, but all the while hating it.

Now we all know intellectually that being fat or hiding behind fat will not change any of these situations or heal any past wounds, but since these actions are unconscious they are not being subjected to the intellectual scrutiny of our reasoning mind.

Don’t assume that every overweight person you know has been molested or is in debt. That is not always the case, but sometimes it is. So please don’t judge the overweight people in your life. You have no way of knowing what pain they have experienced.

If you suspect you may be using fat as a way of hiding ask, yourself the following questions:

What am I trying to hide from the world?

How can I be more authentic and honest with the world in a way that is safe? Or who can I talk to about what happened?

Sometimes just journaling about your feelings is all you need to do to get that energy moving. Other times a good therapist, hypnotherapist, or best friend can help you release yourself from the chains of secrets and emotions by being a sounding board. Sometimes all it takes is just bringing awareness to the situation which helps you release the need to hide behind the fat.

A new diet won’t take this problem away. You have to do the emotional work but when you do the rewards are more than just a smaller size, they are a bigger life.

Source by Jill K Thomas

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