By working out your daily calorie needs, you can than work out approximately how much food you can comfortably eat without gaining weight. Its advisable to get yourself a journal so you can work out the calculations each day.

Below are two calculators that you can use to do this for you.


The first calculator we use, is to work out your BMR or Basel Metabolic Rate. This is the minimum number of calories that your body needs to sustain vital body functions such as breathing, digestion and keeping your organs working.


BMR Calculator

The second calculator we use works out how many calories you burn each day through exercise. The type of exercise ranges from low impact activities like watching TV and sitting down to high impact like running and playing Sport.


Activity Calculator


Now add both your BMR & Daily Activity calculations together and it’s this total that we should now concentrate on.


For example:


If you have a BMR of 1,800 and daily activity score of 2,000, your Total score is 3,800.


By eating 3,800 or fewer calories per day, there’s a high likelihood that you will either maintain your current weight or start losing pounds. Anything over 3,800 calories and your body will start storing those excess calories as fat. It is a simple, but yet very powerful concept.

Doing exercise is a great way of burning calories. Its recommended that you try and do at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. Not only does this burn more calories but you can than get away with having a treat now and than. Doing high impact activities like Aerobics or playing Tennis will burn more calories than low impact activities like walking or sitting down.

Try and take your calculations over a week to get a varied and more accurate result. There are many sites like the one below which will provide a thorough breakdown of the different food categories.

Calorie guide 

By counting calories daily, you will get into good eating habits very quickly. The results you get will be based on the validity of the data you collate, so be truthful and you will benefit more.

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