The first thing you need to realize if you really want to lose weight fast (and I’m sure if you are reading this than there is nothing more that you want) is that there is no “quick fix easy way” to lose weight. Diet pills and ridiculous diet programs that say that you can lose weight without any effort on your part are telling you nothing but lies.

The real way to losing weight fast is with a metabolism boosting diet plan based on “Green Light Foods” (those are the foods you should be basing your diet on) and a “calorie spiking day off” from dieting combined with exercise (in specific a muscle building strength training regimen.)

While I did say that losing weight fast isn’t going to necessarily be easy, it also doesn’t have to be extremely hard. If you choose a diet program that allows for a weekly “day off” (and the most effective, most modern diet plans do exactly that) then you will be able to lose weight quickly while still enjoying yourself. Most select Friday or Saturday as their day off and they go out and enjoy themselves just as if they were not dieting at all on these days.

This “day off” is a great way to be able to stick with a diet long term because it gives you something to look forward to every week. It makes it easier to stick with the diet the other 6 days of the week.

But it’s not only there for psychological reasons, it’s also an important part of keeping your metabolism running fast. By giving your body a regular “calorie spike” it makes sure that you do not fall into “starvation mode” where your metabolism is running so slow that it’s impossible to lose weight. This is an extremely important point. Most diets fail because of exactly that!

Source by Lucinda H. Becks

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