You would had come across the benefits of green tea in helping weight loss. Many scientists describe tea as a catalyst that can boost up the metabolic rate of the body. Faster the metabolic rate, faster the weight loss. However many would be wondering the effectiveness of green tea in helping you to lose weight quickly. I am here to help you

A Common Myth:

Many of us believe tea on lines with low calorie diet. In fact calories are far less when compared to other foods but this is not the primary benefit. Yes, green tea has several other REAL benefits.

So what are those benefits?

Do you know some foods help in accelerating the rate of digestion? These are a special category of foods that help in fast fat burning. If you are going to burn fat at a faster rate you are sure to lose weight in real quick time. Green tea tops the list among foods that increase fat burning rate in the body. This is the major benefit that this magical drink has got to offer.

How Should You Include Green Tea In Your Diet Plan?

Drinking tea two to three times a day should add great value to your diet plan. Generally doctors would warn against the consumption of tea with empty stomach. Hence have some biscuits or bread with tea. This is very important if you prefer drinking early immediately after raise. You could have another cup during afternoon or evening (again take care that you avoid tea in empty stomach. )

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