I’m out a lot. I’m just a busy guy. I see people trying to eat healthy and they seemingly have no idea what they’re doing. Here are some suggestions based on my observations.

Do not eat Splenda. Did you know that Splenda, which is made of sucralose comes with a laundry list of side affects? Sucralose is a chemical. Your body doesn’t know what the heck to do with it. It has been associated with headaches, stomach aches and fatigue. If you’re going to use a sweetener it is best to use something natural like sugar or stevia. Yes, sugar isn’t good for you but your body knows how to process it. Stevia is, in my opinion, God’s perfect food. It’s sweet, natural, calorie free and doesn’t spike your insulin levels. Try it!

Doubling up on the light mayo. I was at Subway a couple of months ago and watched as two women ordered their sandwiches with double the light mayo. Just because something is light doesn’t mean you’re eating less fat or calories. I did some research and found out that when you double up the light mayo you actually get about the same amount of fat and calories but you actually consume a lot more sodium. Yes, you may like mayo but don’t eat it. Go for some mustard. Don’t like mustard? Oil and vinegar is a good option to keep your sandwich from being too dry. Heck, just start eating mustard and get used to it. Try banana peppers on your sandwich. They add a ton of flavor and more nutrition.

Salads with ranch and croutons. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DO NOT EAT RANCH! Go to the fridge right now and tell that bottle of ranch that it is dead to you. Need some convincing? Take your shirt of and look in the mirror. Don’t like what you see? Get all mad, blame ranch dressing! If you like ranch then I bet you put it on chicken, fries and your salads. Go dump it down your drain and say it out loud, “You are dead to me ranch dressing!!” No, I’m not listing nutritional calues. How about this? It’s full of fat and garbage. It’s bad for you, that’s why it tastes so good. You don’t need things to taste so good. You can be happy with them tasting just good. Regarding croutons, they’re bad carbs. You don’t need them. Put some sunflower seeds on your salad if you need some crunch.

Diet Soda. Soda is hands down, the worst thing you can put in your body in my opinion. You’re drinking liquid sugar. It’s made of sugar mixed with sugar. Diet soda is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Scratch that, it’s like a hungry shark dressed as a guinea pig. All those artificial sweeteners make you more thirsty and hungry. I do not drink soda very often. Maybe twice a year due to circumstances. Several months ago I was handed a diet soda at a party. After drinking it I experiences an incredible thirst that I hadn’t previously known was possible. This makes you want to drink more. My wife gave up diet soda last year and went through 4 days of crazy withdrawal symptoms. Do you think this is something that is healthy? Do yourself a favor and get off the soda. Drink more water or even coffee.

I understand I haven’t given you any hard facts but facts are out there. Deep down you know what I’m saying is true. If you don’t believe me then comment and call me out. I’ll find the fact for you and reply. Ween yourself off slowly if you have to. Find alternatives that are healthier. You’ll be happy you did.

Source by Tim A Joseph

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