Did you know that all foods that you eat are all essentially made of the same substances?

Sounds crazy, right? Even if it does, all eatables are actually made of the very same stuff. If you know this already, you probably know what I am going to speak about. However for my friends who are still thinking how this can be true, here's how. All naturally occurring foods like fruits, milk, eggs, meat, and vegetables are composed of substances which can be classified into the following broad categories – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. No, I did not make any mistake; water is an essential part of most foods. Consider milk, it has more than 85% of water present in it. Consider cucumber and tomatoes. They have high water content, in excess of 80%. Most green shoots and vegetables have bound water which keeps them fresh and also provides their texture. You cannot help if most of your budget for home groceries goes for water alone!

However there is a catch to it. Nature has made all foods in such a way that no food has the exact same content. Milk, egg and meat are richer in fats and proteins, while vegetables, fruit and pulses are richer in carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. No food alone is capable to provide all the components in adequate amount. We do have scientifically formulated foods which do possess all the good parts and are highly nutritive.

So, why did I tell you that all the foods that we eat have the same ingredients?

That is because nature has built us in such a way that we need some amount of each ingredient every day to stay functionally active. We need proteins and carbohydrates to help us in growth, cell activity, energy for daily activities. We need fats for energy, for maintaining the skin and the vital internal organs. Fats form a protective sheath around our organs to prevent damage to them during any activity. Vitamins and minerals are essential for our brain functioning, blood formation, and host of other functions. Prolonged deficiency of any vitamin or mineral can be a precursor for deficiency diseases. Oh! Did I mention water, which is our most basic requirement? Wondering how? I have forgotten to tell you that more than 50% of the human body is composed of water! Water acts as the medium of transport of nutrients across the human body and helps in proper body functioning. Now you know why it is recommended by all dietitians to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Finally, what can you take away after reading this article?

Now that you know that staying fit and healthy is about maintaining a good supply of only 6 main ingredients, don't you feel a bit more confident about your daily diet? You can now wishfully forget all the food items and the diet chart prepared for you by your dietitian, mother or maybe your teacher. This is how it works. We all are spoilt for choice whenever we hit the restaurant or the lunch buffets; if you have had a good serving of meat or fish, complement that with a salad serving. If you are feeling guilty of having a ham-burger or a hot dog on your way to work, help yourself to a salad sandwich or a fruit shake.

If you feel dizzy after work or unable to concentrate or feeling sleepy, it may be the scales of the balance has tipped to one side and you are falling short of vital nutrients. If you think that you are unable to meet the balance, you can always catch hold of ready-made meals and nutritive diets available on the shop floor. If you are out of time, make yourself a quick cup of an energy drink. This will give you a head start and also compensate for any nutrients you may have missed for the day. You can also keep nutrient bars handy. Start munching when you need a surge in your power levels. However the most important tip I can give you is simple. Do not skip your meals. This will put your whole boy functioning for a toss. So, what goes in your next bite?

Source by Kanish Debnath

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