Five ways to lose weight, simply slimming, will give you information to use to start your natural fat burning journey. If you are overweight or have too much fat on your body you should find a proven get rid of body fat plan. You can turn your body into a fat burning machine that builds lean muscles and take off excess body fat. Muscles make you firm, fit and toned. Don’t mistake putting muscles on you body to mean you should look like a very muscular man or cartoon character.

1. High Intensity Strength Training

You should do a total body strength training resistant exercises with high intensity and incorporate interval exercises. Performing your workouts in this fashion will raise your resting metabolic rate, build lean shapely muscles and natural fat burning. You will burn more calories and fat all over your body during a total body workout.

Nutrition – Eating Healthy Food

Eat nutrient rich foods for fat loss quickly and your health. Plan 5 to 6 small meals and snacks a day to keep your metabolism going. Select your proteins, mostly from plant sources. Choose complex carbohydrates and pick naturally occurring fats. Vegetables and fruits are called super foods. Your body craves healthy nutrient rich foods to satisfy hunger.


Fiber is very important to lose body fat fast. Foods that are unrefined such as whole wheat, whole grains, bran, oats, various nuts and seeds are some foods that contain plenty of fiber. Many vegetables and fruits have high fiber content. These fiber filled foods should definitely be in your diet for your body’s health, functioning and staying lean.

Drink Water – The Importance Of Water

Drink 8 glasses a water a day and even more when intensely exercising. Water keeps you hydrated. When you drink cold water your body uses energy warming the water up to your body temperature and therefore burns some calories. When you are eating too much food you are usually not drinking enough water. Many systems and functions of your body are sustained by water.

Sleep And Rest

You absolutely need enough rest after intense exercising to repair and get growth of new muscles. Adding new muscles you burn fat quicker. When doing your workouts with a sufficient intensity level the repair and recovery process of your muscles will take 2 days or more rest. Following your intensity based exercises your body needs rest.

And if you want a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body you must pay attention to what your eating and how your exercising. Do your workouts to lose fat not muscle.

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