The last 20 years or so have seen a steady proliferation of diet fads. The catch phrases vary – eat meat, go vegan, shun carbs. It is easy to get lost and confused in the slew of information and sometimes conflicting advice. Recent research has shown that the type of diet one goes on is not the key determining factor in their success. The secret to weight loss is not so much the plan itself, as it is the ability and willingness of the dieter to adhere to the plan.

The best way to stick to a diet plan is to find one that not only fits into your lifestyle, but also matches your personality. A “grazer” or a constant snacker will find it hard to follow a plan that has a strict eating schedule; while someone who is a stickler for order will experience difficulty following a diet plan that advises you to eat only when you are hungry.

What kind of Eater are You?

If you are the type of person who needs to be cheered on, who derives strength in numbers and for whom group hugs are essential to success, joining a group like Weight Watchers might be a good idea. A diet that has you dealing with calorie counting and observing portions on your own is not likely something that will yield results for you.

A constant snacker usually eats whatever is handy. If you are this type of eater, stock up on healthy snacks like fruits and low fat yogurt. Be sure to choose different kinds of fruit and yogurt varieties to avoid boredom.

Some people are willing to make small changes in their diet but cannot adhere to a complete overhaul of their eating patterns. Making simple food substitutions, like eating grilled instead of fried foods, dark instead of white chocolate and whole wheat instead of white bread, has a good chance of succeeding with this type of eater.

If you have a sweet tooth, you have a better chance of success following a diet that allows you to indulge your craving for dessert sparingly, rather than one that cuts out sweets completely. Avoid stocking up on sweet items in your house; this way, if you simply must have a candy bar, you have to walk to the corner store to get it. Chances are, you’ll settle for the blueberry yogurt in the fridge instead.

For the multi-taskers who are sometimes too distracted to realize how much food they have consumed while reading an office report or working long into the night, a diet that accommodates frequent small meals will probably work best. Healthy snacks, like pre-cut apple slices or grapes, which can be enjoyed on the fly will also fit in a busy person’s diet plan.

Ultimately, a successful diet is not so much about finding the best diet plan out there today; it is about sticking to one that works best for your type of eating personality and your lifestyle.

Source by Dr. Susan Tanner

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