EODD also known as the Every Other Day Diet or EODD Diet is becoming one of the hottest diets in 2010. The reasons are many and this article will explain in detail why this diet is so popular and answer your questions about how it can work for you.

The EODD Diet is now actually The Every Other Day Diet 2.0. This new version has added the SNAPP eating system which aims at making the diet dead simple to follow.

EODD is an alternate day diet plan. The idea of diets like these are to have you eat more calories one day and less the next. The idea is not new and is backed by scientific research. By eating this way your body will not think it’s being starved and will keep your metabolism working at an optimum level for losing weight.

The Every Other Day Diet takes this science and presents it to you in an easy to follow diet plan. It even boasts that you will be able to eat anything you love regularly as long as you follow the plan. People eat pissa, hamburgers, doughnuts, fries and fast food while on the plan.

The SNAPP eating plan is just a way for you to eat correctly without having to count calories. The EODD Diet SNAPP eating plan tells you exactly when and what to eat when you are not eating your favorite foods. If you follow the plan you will lose weight.

EODD has 3 different phases of eating plans and you choose which one will help you lose weight the fastest or even maintain your weight. These plans are just variations on each other and restrict calories. But again it is all laid out in the SNAPP program.

Exercise is required and is outlined in the book. For most people it will be satisfactory at first just to increase your daily activity level. If you are sedentary then walk for twenty minutes a day. If you are exercising 3 time a week, you would add an extra day.

One of the options when you are purchasing the EODD Diet is to get 7 Minute body. This is a great exercise plan that you can do in the shortest amount of time and get results. It is a great compliment to the Every Other Day Diet, but does cost extra.

So, if you have been struggling to lose weight on typical calorie counting diets, you may want to learn more about the EODD.

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