In these present times when books are often judged by their covers, who doesn’t wish to look good? Everyone secretly wishes to look his best.

It has been researched that eating habits are directly related to your look-good -feel-good factor. The better your eating habits, the better your physical appearance. For those looking to shed those extra few pounds better eating habits are imperative. However important changing your eating habits may be, there are bound to be a few hurdles along the way; scarcity of time, planning and motivation being the most common.

The Initial Mindset

I Just Don’t Have the Time

This phrase sums up the feeling most of us have while trying to change our eating habits. We often find ourselves exhausted at the end of a long, tiring day and are willing to munch on anything that comes along. Pressed with the responsibilities of a job, kids and hundreds of other chores, our own eating habits take a backseat.

Giving Yourself the Least Priority

People are often found to be so sensitive to others needs that they treat their own needs as a luxury. It is not uncommon to find a mother gorging on pizza pockets or cheese dips (knowing very well what effect they would have on her already widening waist line) because that is what the kids demand for dinner. She is so occupied with fulfilling others’ demands that she hardly gets time to think for herself.

Pull Up your Socks!

If weight loss through changed eating habits is what you are really aiming at, you need to change your mindset and everything will fall into place.

You need to just keep the following tips in mind and you would soon find yourself thinking about better, healthier eating habits.

TIP 1: Be Accountable for Your Eating Habits

You need to accept that this is your life and no one else is going to change it for you – until and unless you try. Blaming your hectic schedules may relieve you of your guilt but they serve no purpose. You need to review your eating habits and resolve to do something about it.

TIP 2: Make Your Plans Clear TO Everyone Who Matters

You do not want yourself gorging on the fat rich diets just to give company to other family members. Announce your decision to alter your eating habits and let them know that they might have to cooperate with you. They might sulk initially at your decision but sooner or later it will be a routine affair and they will be more than willing to help you.

TIP 3: Get Your PLAN

The most important step in actually changing your diet is to get a plan. This plan will help you to decide the menu for the week beforehand, it will give you ample scope to mix and match various dishes to ensure variety and would also save you the last minute panic attacks of preparing a meal.

With your plan in place you could get all the groceries on your day off and prepare the week’s meals way ahead. This would give you nutritious meals for the whole week, save you ample time and save costs on snacks.


With your plan in place, its time for action. Sooner than later you will start observing changes in your wellness quotient. You are all set on your journey to a better you by following these changes in eating habits.

One last way I found that helps is that I joined an online site called You can track your food and get help and support from others like you.By following these simple steps you will not only feel better you will know you look better! Go get them.

Source by Ralph Wilhelm

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