Although many people are skeptical about the claims made for toning shoes, they are extremely popular with women the world over. There are toning shoes manufactured for males also – but it’s estimated that around about 85% of the market is made up of women.

Skechers Shape Ups and Reebok EasyTones are the two biggest brands – but there are plenty others to choose from also. Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) shoes are also very popular, as are FitFlops – especially with consumers who want a less sporty look.

The idea behind these shoes is that they exercise your lower body when you walk around in them. This is done thanks to a special design of sole.

Whilst the exact design varies from brand to brand, the general concept is that the sole introduces an element of imbalance which makes the lower body muscles try to restore the body’s natural equilibrium. That means that the muscles in the lower body work a little harder than normal, and the end result is that every step that you take in your toning shoes helps to tone your legs and trim your bottom.

As previously mentioned, many people doubt these claims. The manufacturers have conducted studies to prove that their shoes do what they say. However, since these studies were either carried out by, or funded by, the footwear companies, many people doubt that they are truly independent.

There are plenty of testimonials from satisfied users who are happy to support the claims made by the footwear firms. Nevertheless, it’s also worth noting that the FTC has ruled against both Skechers and Reebok on the basis that their advertising was misleading and that claims made could not be substantiated.

It has also been suggested that many of the testimonials from satisfied users are a result of the fact that owning a pair of toning shoes encourages them to walk more than they would normally do. That does sound fairly logical – but it’s not a bad thing. Walking is a very effective exercise and anything that encourages people to do more of it can only be viewed in a positive light.

Whatever the facts, the promise of a free workout just by putting one foot in front of the other throughout the course of your normal daily routine is something that is, for many busy women, just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Source by Hamish Hayward

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