As I am a well known nutritionist, many people come to me with almost the same query, day after day, “What is the best possible diet for me?” My answer:

“The best diet to follow is to follow NO diet at all.”

Does that shock you? I mean I am a nutritionist right? So how could I even say such a thing? No nutritionist in his or her right frame of mind would ever tell anyone not to follow a diet plan.

So why would I make such a mistake?

Because, I’m not making any mistake at all!

It may be hard for you to accept and believe this, but the truth is that diets just really do not work.

I told you that you would not believe me. But you see, diets are the very reason why people find it so hard to lose weight. People make the mistake of trying to keep a diet plan at work; instead they should be following a different route to satisfy their hunger.

What can be done?

Try a different approach. You need to try eating things that are delicious and capable of satisfying your hunger.

What? Am I going nuts you say? How can this be so? What you need to actually do to keep on a good diet and remain healthy at the same time is – See that your hunger is satisfied and keep your taste buds happy!

As simple as that!

Really! I am very serious about what I say.

Instead of going on some ridiculous diet plan, all you have to do is follow the above two steps and you will find that you can get optimum health and reach optimum weight as well!

So how can you do this?

The first thought that must spring to your mind is how can this be done? Especially with all that delicious junk food around us and all that ever so tempting advertising that lures us into eating such food. How can it be possible to have such a diet plan then? How is it possible to resist the temptation?

Can there really be such a way as being able to eat all the best possible delicious foods and remain healthy as well as lose weight too?

The answer is yes!

Yes, it is very much possible for you, once you have the correct information as to how you can achieve this so called – feat!

First of all, you need to understand very clearly that the only diet that will really work for you is the one that you are going to stick with – for more than JUST a week!

What’s in this great diet plan?

Delicious foods that you just love to eat and simply the ones that you are really going to be happy with! In fact, you can keep this diet for your whole lifetime.

After all, it is a diet that includes all the foods that you simply love. So, start finding all the right foods that you love and you will discover that The Best Diet Plan is NO Diet at all.

Source by Rony Free

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