It seems that there are so many ways to lose weight. But there’s also so much confusion. Anytime a person enters the internet, in order to find answers regarding this issue, there’s so much information coming on him. The result is a mess of ideas that often contradict and make no sense at all.

For example, the known rule of eating fewer calories than what your body burns, makes perfect sense. But even for this basic rule there are exceptions. If you eat 1500 calories of made chocolate each day, will you lose weight? Maybe, but it will probably ruin something else in your body. The conclusion is that a more thorough understanding of losing weight is needed to be acquired. Here I’ll dispute many wrong myths that are considered true for such a long time.

To cut weight, you can skip meals

If you skip meals, your body will think that you’re trying to starve it. As being such an effective machine, it will turn into “starvation mode” or “lose as low calories as possible”, and will slow down your metabolism process. Also, it will start consuming your muscles for the protein it needs. This way, you will be losing your fit looks, less muscle mass in your body will also cause a slower metabolism, you will feel hungry, and on your next meal you’ll probably overeat.

Processed dieting foods are good for losing weight

It may be easy to go to a store, and just buy some of these foods. But when it comes to their effectiveness, there is a problem. Most of them are filled with sugar. These processed bars and shakes increase the levels of sugar in your blood, and the fat storing hormone, the Insulin, comes into play. This results in bigger hips and a bigger waistline. Another downside of it, is these processes foods are lousy at satisfying your hunger, and sooner or later you’ll be tempted to overeat.

Instead, try to consume whole foods. They have more nutrition substance, and require more digesting energy, which in itself will make your body burn more calories. Instead of eating a “dieting” bar, boil an egg, and while you wait for it to be ready, eat an apple. If you’re used to frozen dinners, try going for chicken meat and a salad.

Cutting fat from diet is good for losing weight

Actually, this is rather bad if you want to lose the pounds. Your body needs fat in order to release fat. Lots of processes in our body are done with hormones which need fat themselves. So are the processes of burning fat. As a rule, eat 25% of your calories as fat from healthy sources like walnuts, almonds, flax oil and avocado.

To sum up, if you know what you’re doing, losing weight can actually be easy and fun. Eat lots of small meals, consume whole foods as much as possible, and include a little fat in your diet from healthy sources.

Source by Kyle Wickman

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