Here are some common dieting FAQ that will help you to get on the right dieting road. Before starting any weight loss program you need to have solid information to know and understand where you’re going if you intend to make progress.

Question I’ve been through so many diets before. Why do I still struggle so much?

Answer There could be a variety of reasons. I prefer to think of a diet as a lifestyle change. As you slowly change the way think about health and food, you will be on the road to long-term success. It’s not about trying to make a quick hit and you’re done. Also many diets are not geared toward longevity, so it may not be altogether your fault.

Question I hear so much about low-fat diets, which are the best?

Answer Although it’s good to watch your fat intake, it’s not the end all answer to a complete dieting program. There are many factors to consider. Your body needs to be balanced for it to operate at optimum performance. Your body does need fat to function. There are also different types of fat, some are actually good for you.

Question A friend of mine is on the “cookie diet”. Should I try this?

Answer These diets sometimes have some short-term success but it usually ends quickly. I would also mention that most of these type of diets may not be very healthy.

Question My wife wants me to start a no-carb diet with her. Do you know anything about this?

Answer I am familiar with some of the no-carb diets. It’s what I call an “extreme” diet. It only addresses part of the picture. This is very harsh on your body and very unhealthy. I would look for something that is more natural. You’ll be a much happier person and enjoy the process more.

Question I”m thinking about having weight loss surgery. Is lap band or gastric bypass better?

Answer If it were me personally, I wouldn’t go for either. If you kept getting speeding tickets would you only put a few drops of gas in the tank? Get to the root of the problem and you can, over time, correct it. The three areas to start with are: what you eat, lifestyle and attitude. Once you address the real issues you’ll find other things in your life will slowly get better also.

I hope these dieting FAQ have helped. Pick a dieting program that will work with you for long-term success. Slow and steady wins the race.

Source by Michael Stephan

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