Dieting and exercise are critical to your weight loss success. Dieting is something that no one wants to talk about. Most people can't stay on a diet for years. But you can eat healthier and eat less without the pressure of a diet.

The number one problem most people have is that they don't know how many calories are in what they are consuming. This is a serious issue at restaurants. Eating at restaurants is contrary to your diet goals. You need to know what is in your food and many restaurants cook with lots of butter and lard. Lard is one of the worst things you can consume on a diet. Cutting calories is extremely difficult if you are consuming large amounts of:



Refined Sugars

Untrimmed Red Meats


High-fat Dairies

All of these foods are the kiss of death from calorie perspective. Some examples are that 2 servings of a poorly trimmed beef dish could be 700 calories!

Some hamburgers and pizza (the favorites of American junk food) run 700 calories per burger or 450 – 600 calories per slice. How on earth can you manage your weight consuming food like that?

Some people don't realize that being overweight isn't as much about control as food choices. Some food choices nail you even if you consume a few portions less. Pizza is a great example. Some slices of pizza are about 600 calories per slice. You simply take that slice of pizza and add a coke with it, and you are up to about 800 calories. For the average woman, this is a very large meal and this involves only a single slice of pizza. If she ate average-sized meals the rest of the day, this puts her over the amount a woman should eat. Over time, she will become overweight. Pizza is simply the wrong food choice if it comes from one of the conventional pizza chains.

Source by David K. Snyder

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