Diabetes has been around for a long time and it has affected millions of people worldwide and until now, it is still continuing on affecting a lot of people. This condition is rather common, but there are still people out there who do not know how this condition’s pathophysiology works. Diabetes fundamentally occurs due to a lack of insulin-the hormone responsible for synthesizing and transporting glucose from the blood to the cells and convert it to energy– in the body. When this occurs, excessive levels of glucose in the blood and less in the cells will manifest, rendering you a little bit more fatigue than usual. If this persists without due intervention, this may cause you other physiologic problems. However, diabetes can be tamed and controlled when you follow the directions a diabetic diet food list.

The general diabetic diet food list mainly indicates that less carbohydrates must be consumed since this will be broken down into simple sugars or glucose. Also included in this list are fewer consumption in fats, increase in fibre intake and the protein’s source should be from lean meat and even soybeans. This diet should be enforced since diabetes mainly affects one’s nutrition, specifically carbohydrates synthesis. Foods such as cakes, pastries, rice, white break and anything made of white flour have high levels of carbohydrates, thus, this must be controlled or restricted in the diet. More carbohydrate-rich and complex carbohydrates such as legumes, root crops and potatoes are not allowed. Increase in fibre intake supplemented by vegetables, fruits and cereals are very much encouraged also at a controlled rate because some of the fruits have high sugar content.

If you have diabetes, it is highly encouraged that you count the calories of the food that you eat and maintain it within the normal range so that your body will function at an optimal state. If there is excess energy given by calories, then there is also an excess in sugar. It is also important to check your blood glucose level before and after meals and before and after an exhausting activity in case your levels become erratic and so that you may intervene as early as possible.

Remember that alongside following the diabetic diet food list you must also exercise regularly to promote proper metabolism and improve your physical health. Diabetes will require you to change your life since this cannot be wholly cured. However, you should not let diabetes control you, instead, you should and can control it.

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