How to booze healthier, kinda.

Since I’ve been on my weight loss journey I have given a lot of thought to booze. And I mean a LOT!

I still enjoy my drinks and being diabetic, I need to be hyper aware of carbs, especially sugars. What I have found is that a great many popular cocktails have a crap-ton of sugar in them. I thought about this for a while. Why would that be? The only reasonable answer I could come up with is “profits.”

In order for bars to make a good profit they have to sell many drinks at a good profit. Therefore it’s better to sell cheaper spirits and hide the fact that they suck with a lot of sugar.

Let me use one of my favorite drinks, the margarita as an example.

A bottle of tequila will yield 16 margs. If it’s a $20 bottle, the booze cost is $1.25, if it’s a $60 bottle the booze cost is $3.75 (+$2.50)

Add $1.00 of mixer and the drink costs are $2.25 and $4.25 respectively. The “house marg will typically go for $7.5, the premium for $15.

The average consumer will go for the cheaper drink because you get more for less. The bars know this, so they make the drinks with cheaper booze and have to hide the nastiness with a sweet mixer.

However, If you’re drinking at home you can re-evaluate the formula. What if you used the good stuff and a more natural mixer like lime juice and agave nectar?

That only about 25 cents in addition to the booze cost. So the cheap marg will still cost you $2.25 to make, but the premium one will only cost you $4.00 (+$1.75)


Why is this a good thing? Well 2 very important reasons:

  1. You will feel like you’re treating yourself, and you ARE. And THAT is a very important part of this process. You have to feel like you are living and enjoying a normal life in spite of the mindfulness you need to exercise in your daily life.
  2. Your premium Marg will be about 165 calories, while the cheap “house” marg will be 300. In addition, instead of 28 grams of sucrose per drink, now you’re looking at 16 grams of fructose. When you are trying to lose weight these numbers are huge.

Not only are you not sacrificing in this scenario, you’re treating yourself to a premium drink and being more healthy about it. WIN/WIN.

These are the gems we look for and treasure along our journey.

Be Mindful. Be Healthy. Love your life.




Note: A quick note about Tequila… Never buy cheap. You may be tempted to make a skinny marg with the cheap stuff, but I promise you won’t enjoy it and it won’t make you feel good about yourself. The cheap stuff tastes like crap, can make you sick and hungover. The really good stuff won’t do that unless you drink half a bottle. Here’s what to look for at a minimum: 100% blue agave, Reposado at least, but get anejo when you can. The 3 grades/ages are Silver (Blanco), Reposado, and Anejo. The silver is bottled as soon as distilled, the Anejo is aged 6-18 months before bottling. May absolute favorite tequila if you can get it is Casamigos Anejo. (It’s George Clooney’s personal brand, read a cool story about it HERE

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