There are thousands of approaches that can lead to weight loss. I believe the key is not so much in finding an approach that works (because so many do) but finding one that you can actually stick with until you reach your goal weight. Let’s say you have 100 pounds to lose. If that’s the case does it really do you much good to lose 30 pounds in two months if you can’t stick with it past those two months (and you then gain back all of the weight you lost anyway.) No, of course not.

In such a scenario you really need to choose a diet that you can stick with until you reach that 100 pound weight loss goal, otherwise all of your hard work is for nothing. This is why I think it’s so important to avoid diets which are extremely restrictive and which never give you any “leeway” as far as satisfying your cravings.

If you can find a diet which allows you to satisfy your cravings on a regular basis but which still allows you to lose weight then you’ve found a diet that you are much more likely to stick with and as I’ve already made clear, this is the most important key to your successful weight loss.

One method that a lot of people have success with is choosing a diet which includes a regular “day off” from dieting. The idea is that this “day off” allows the dieter to satisfy all of the cravings that would normally push them off course and having an occasional “calorie spike” can also be an important factor for keeping the metabolism from slowing down (which slows down weight loss.)

If you’re reading this article I’m sure you’ve tried (and ultimately failed) with many diets in the past. This time when you choose a diet make sure you consider how hard it was to stick with those diets in the past. This time you need to choose a diet you can stick with.

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