The 7 step program for curing childhood obesity has been building some buzz around on the internet. Created by pediatrician Dr. Suzanne Mills this system is really suppose to helps your kids eat healthy, get active, and lose the weight.

Since I had a cousin who son was struggling with weight issues, I decided to purchase the program for her to see how it will affect his weight and eating habits. First off, I was pretty impress on the packaging. I can truly say that at first I thought since it was not a big time product like weight watchers or your baby can read, I thought it was going to come in a cheap post office box with a whole bunch of books. To my surprise, it was packaged very well and professionally. All of the books were laid out in the boxes in order, I knew which one was the main book and which were the bonuses. It even included a little thank you note from Dr. Suzanne as well as brochure indicating where I can contact someone personally if I had any questions.

Before I gave it to my cousin I took a peek at some of the things that were inside to help kids lose the weight. Again, it lived up to its expectations. Everything was kid friendly and very simple for adults to understand. It showed parents quick healthy meals you can make for your kids on a daily basis and some exercises you can do with them without them even knowing. Most of their meals included fat burning foods such as milk, oats, tuna, and turkey.

The exercise part including light aerobics, dancing and simple things like going out to play for an hour after dinner or talking a family walk. The child obesity program has been used by over 25,000 people in 150 countries! This program is not a starvation or crash diet, and involves no medication. My cousin has been using the book for about 3 weeks now and she loves it. She said that her son has lost over 6 pounds so far and he has at least 5 more to go to get to his natural weight. She said the only downside to the program is that she wish it would have gotten their sooner. I had to let her know that that part was my fault since I picked it apart before I gave it to her.

Source by Gloria Ward

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