Carol Alt's raw food diet has helped her positively glow in radiant health. As a model, for years she has had to maintain an impossible 125lbs body weight on her 5ft 10in frame. Eating very little left her continually run down. Then at the age of 34, she realized she had to understand her body to keep her weight down and so learned the immense benefits of raw organic eating.

When Carol reached 34, she went on a photo shoot with a 19 year old who was full of zest and was taking over the star billing whilst Carol sat in the shadows. The flight had made her bloat, she was tired and on medicines for her sinuses and her acid stomach. Despite starving herself for 2 days, she was still unable to get her weight down from 135lbs to 125lbs.

Hitting the wall

Her metabolism was slowing and without a change in routine and a healthier diet to reduce weight, her career as a model was over. She was in a routine taking medicines to fall asleep and coffee to wake up. What kind of life was this? She was aging. She started to gain weight, got wrinkles and couldn't lose them. She had "hit the wall".

Coming back from the trip with the 19 year old made her realise she had to change. She did not have the energy to work any more. She then heard about a doctor who recommended a diet to bring the zip back to her life.

He recommended that Carol went on a raw diet. He taught her about food, nutrition and pretty soon she began to feel a lot better. She regained her zest for life, lost the excess weight, came off all her medicines, cut out her habits and felt a whole lot better.

She is now a strong advocate of the raw food diet. But what does it involve?

A raw diet is where food is not cooked above 118 degrees. This ensures all the nutrients are retained in the food. Raw foodism is focused on improving the whole life and lifestyle whilst improving a balanced healthy diet.

The benefits every raw foodist experiences are much lower cholesterol, a better acid-alkaline balance and of course excess weight dropping off. As well as a lot more energy and radiance.

You can gain the same benefits as Carol Alt. Raw food diet planning is a lot easier with a guide or set of recipes books to ensure you maintain a balanced healthy diet.

Source by Christine Delareya

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