Free advice is one of the cheapest things in the world, and, taking free advice for losing weight may cost you more than it is worth especially in matters of extreme importance like your health. Some folks like to preach about good practices in diet and health, but, a well balanced diet and practical physical activities for a healthy life is actually easy to maintain. Some adjustments to your life style are all that is needed for maintaining a healthy body weight.

That said, I do know that you should not take up any serious measures for losing weight without professional supervision. However, you may follow a few practical procedures considering them as good advice for losing weight.

1. Timely meals as good advice for losing weight.

Good health and weight control practices begin with the importance of having meals regularly. When we have meals that satisfy our hunger at regular intervals, our body gets enough time to digest the meals properly and absorb all the essential nutrients from the food.

2. Having satisfactory meals have more advantages.

As the stomach gets filled, the tendency to snack in between meals diminishes. Now, snacking itself is not a bad thing, but most snacks are high calorie content foods and add to your calorie intake. When you have regular meals, you can plan or select your food items for a balanced meal consciously. This helps you to avoid undesirable food items and stick to nutritious food.

3. A selective diet is part of good advice for losing weight.

Good nutrition is imperative to healthy living. One advantage about having regular meals is that you can plan your menu in advance.

Select food items that contain sufficient quantities of all the essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins and mineral, carbohydrates and fats. There is no need to avoid any specific food groups for losing weight. All are needed for the proper maintenance of body and health.

Eat all food items in moderation and in quantities that provide proper nutrition. There is a feeling that carbohydrates are not necessary nutrients for humans. However, they are good source of energy.

Through a selective diet you can plan your intake of calories. By consuming fewer calories than you expend, you can lose weight healthily.

4. Practical and convenient physical activity must be included in any advice for losing weight regimen.

Wikipedia says that physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health. “Any bodily activity” is the catchword here. It means that exercise need not be a regimen of particular poses, postures or actions.

You can exercise in any manner; you can walk every day, even cleaning your whole home can be exercise enough for your body. Doing a few chores at home can give you some exercise and you can walk whenever you can. Walk to the store or to the mall. Use the stairs instead of the elevator in your apartment or work complex.

By determining your physical activity and the calories needed for it, you can reduce weight by burning more calories than you intake.

Never mind the talk, I know you can do it.

Source by Peggy Newhart

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