Everyone likes to lose weight, but most people do not know how to go about reaching their fat loss goals. As part of a fast weight loss diet plan and exercise routine, people restrict calories, don't eat carbohydrates, perform target heart rate cardio exercise, follow unproven weight lifting regimens and subject themselves to metabolic testing in the increases that they will lose weight. In addition, some people also attempt traditional, "herd mentality" nutrition plans prescribed by their "fitness experts" and dieticians in the hope of reducing weight. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, most people don't get their desired results as they just don't know what they are doing. Don't get me wrong, most "fitness experts" are really good people with good intentions, but they don't promote programs that maximize fat loss.

If you had ever tried a traditional, "fast weight loss diet plan", you would have been been told to eat before and after your workout, and most importantly, "all the right things". When trying to burn fat, it totally defeats the purpose of exercise when you eat immediately before or after a workout. Most people are taught to do the same thing – eat heavily before their workout so that you can exercise a lot and burn more fat. But, this is totally wrong. What actually happens when you eat before exercise is that you only burn what you ate before your workout and not any fat.

At the moment you start munching on food before your workout, your insulin level shoots up and as we all know, higher levels of insulin will prevent fat from burning, as it tells your body to burn food rather than stubborn body fat.

So what should you do to burn fat instead of burning food? The real solution is to use a "secret, fat-burning window" before and after high-intensity, 12-minute workouts. When you useize this unique, "fat-burning window trick", instead of burning food and calories, you body will effectively burn fat at a rate 300% faster than traditional, boring cardio exercise.

So, what is this "secret, fat-burning window" trick, you ask? Well, you should perform high-intensity, 12-minute workouts first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then not eat for at least 1 hour after exercise. Alternatively, if you work out later in the day, don't exercise until 3-4 hours after a meal so that you're in a "semi-fasted state. In this scenario, you also should wait at least one hour after exercise before eating. Using this fat-burning window will allow your body to access fat much faster than if you eat right before or after exercise.

Keep in mind that this trick is designed for people whose goal is FAT LOSS. You may have different goals that require a different approach, but if you're looking to burn stubborn body fat, then this unique trick will definitely take you closer to your goal.

Source by Shaun Hadsall

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