There are many new claims about foods that help you lose weight. But, what’s really true is one thing many intend to uncover. Though there are many on this list, let us take a look at the top few and proven foods that help you lose weight, without any adverse effects.

Green Tea: Definitely not new! This is rich in antioxidants and helps with cholesterol management naturally. Catechins, an antioxidant that’s abundant in green tea, helps with fat burning, besides boosting metabolism. That’s not all, it helps reduces the risk of cancer and also, reduces blood pressure. Not just cholesterol management, it naturally reduces stress levels, which is another contributing factor for weight gain.

Pears: When listing out foods that help you lose weight, how can we give pears a miss? Recent study revealed Pears has more fiber than apple and is cheaper! Don’t you think that’s enough to start adding them to your platter?

Chocolate: Now, don’t give me that look! Chocolates that are rich in cocoa, think dark chocolates, are rich in flavonoids. Not only do these avert heart diseases and strengthens it, it also helps with weight loss. Additionally, having a healthy diet might leave one depressed, which can be best combated with a cube of dark chocolate.

Cinnamon: The good old Cinnamon that we add scores of recipes, for the unique flavor that only Cinnamon can give, is a very good aid for weight loss. Cinnamon curbed the blood sugar spike right after a meal. Why is this important? It is this spike that makes one feel hungry, even when they are not! When this is curbed, overeating, or munching is naturally curbed. That’s not all. It also helps with reducing triglyceride levels, blood pressure and cholesterol, thus helping with weight loss. Only about ¼ spoon per day can do the trick!

Nuts like Almonds, Pistachio and Walnuts and Pecans help lower bad cholesterol and are a good source of healthy cholesterol. This is a must on your list of foods that help you lose weight. Substitute snacks with nuts, to enjoy their benefits.

Vinegar: This is a natural appetite suppressant that makes you fuller faster. Add it to your meals and see how the consumption reduces, without you trying to!

Fish: Fishes are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, a must for reducing bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Tuna, Salmon and other fishes are a healthy add-on to your menu. However, boiled and steamed fishes are the way to!

Soluble Fiber Rich Grains: Also called sticky grains, oats and barley are rich in soluble fiber. Not only does this boost your metabolism, it also aids with cholesterol management. Additionally, barley helps with reduction of water retention, which is another contributing factor for weight gain.

Beans: Beans are rich sources of cholecystokinin. Yes, not many are aware of this, but is your friend when trying to lose weight. This digestive hormone is an appetite suppressant, and beans are full of it! How can we ignore beans on our list of foods that help you lose weight?

Source by Dan H. Vo

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