You have been successfully losing your weight for quite some time, but all of a sudden you find that the scale has stopped moving down even though you are maintaining your stringent diet and workout regime. You are stumped and disappointed. You need not be. You can get past the weight loss plateau by taking the following 8 steps.

1. Reconsider your weight loss goals

You may quite possibly have lost weight that your body actually requires to remain optimally healthy.

Check your Body Mass Index-BMI. You may have fixed unrealistic weight loss goal. Losing more weight may even damage your health. Consult your weight loss expert about the need to lose weight further.

2. Remain ‘active’ outside gym

If you visit gym, it does not mean that you should become lazy thereafter especially if you are involved in a sedentary job. You should avoid using car if you can go by bicycle or on foot. Use stairs and avoid lifts. Do the domestic chores like cleaning, washing, cooking, playing with your kids etc.

3. Redesign your workout

Normally human body becomes used to a workout in about four weeks. Our heart, lungs and muscles adapt to the new routine. In other words, they become stronger. They stop burning fewer calories than they did in the beginning.

In order to lose more fat, you need to burn more calories. So, either increase the time and intensity of the workout that you are following, or, take up more strenuous exercises.

4. Go for a primal lifestyle

Imagine the life in Stone Age when people were closer to nature. In fact, they were inalienable parts of the nature. They hunted for food here and there and ate raw vegetables and fruits. They took complete rest when they were ‘fed up’. They had limited wants and needs and lived a tension free life.

5. Intermittent fasts

According to an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, intermittent fasting -IF- reduces fat mass and improves the overall functioning of the digestive system.

You can live on fruits, vegetables, soups and salads if you cannot observe complete fast all through the day. You can adjust your fast/food intake according to your lifestyle. It is believed that if you do your IF accurately, you can overcome your weight loss plateau in a few days.

6. Keep a diary

Most people ignore this step thinking it to be a too simple and irrelevant to be taken seriously.

Keeping a diary makes you conscious of your lapses and the need to overcome them. Several studies have pointed out that those who keep journals lose more weight than those who do not in a give span of time.

7. Keep your motivation level high

Frustration and pessimism can kill motivation to lose weight. If zeal to lose weight is declining, write out the reasons why in the first place you wanted to lose weight or even want it now. Find out a friend who is on the same mission.

If there is none in your neighborhood, find out someone on the internet. Join a weight loss community.

8. Take good weight loss pills

A weight loss plateau can be frustrating. You tend to lose your faith in strenuous exercises as well as a bland, tasteless and stringent diet regime. One tends to become cynical and likes to revert to enjoying the favorite foods. And why not? It would be inhuman to deny yourself the gourmet delights of life.

The good news is that you can enjoy your favorite foods, of course, within limits, perform your routine exercises and also lose weight.

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Source by Raj Rishi

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