There is so much information out there on how to loose weight it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

Bookstores are lined with hundreds of diet books all claiming to have the answers you are looking for. Loose 10 pounds in 7 days is a common catch cry.

Jump online and Google ‘Weight Loss’ and you will be loaded up with millions of web sites trying to sell you millions of weight loss and diet solutions.

It is estimated that in 2006 more than $100 Billion dollars was spent just in the USA on Weight Loss solutions.

What was the outcome?

Little or no change … Obesity rates continue to climb out globally. We are well and truly caught up in the middle of an obesity epidemic.

With so much information out there, and so much money being spent on weight loss and diet products … why is it that the solution to real and permanent fat loss seems so out of reach still?

Like millions of others I became hopelessly lost searching for a quick fix, instant fat burning miracle cure. I tried countless diets, followed too many gurus down too many blind alleys, and progressively became fatter and fatter over time.

Having a curious mind, and a passion for research I decided to immerse myself in the actual science of burning fat from my body. I looked for and found real world experts in the topic of how to burn the fat from your body and studied everything they had written about the topic. Then I applied the specific science backed strategies to my own body.

I studied the work of Tom Venuto, author of the best selling e-book “Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle”, Alwyn Cosgrove creator of the Real World Fat Loss Program, and Craig Ballantyne author of Turbulence Training.

After 9 weeks of applying all of the weight loss strategies I had learnt I had produced some great results. Certainly better than the millions who go on fad diets or crash diets and don’t make it past 3 weeks.

After months of research, study and application (for upwards of 4 hours per day) I have concluded that there are 7 simple keys to follow for long term life changing weight loss success.

Follow these 7 keys and you can turn your health and your life around:

Key 1 – Lifestyle & Environment

In order to burn the fat once and for all you are going to have to start by looking at your existing lifestyle and asking yourself … Is my present lifestyle leading me to a life of good health and leaness, or is it leading me in the opposite direction.

You may have to make some lifestyle changes. If the people you associate with on a regular basis are overweight or obese and uninspired to change then you may need to spend less time with them.

Look for ways to modify your lifestyle and environment to support your future good health and fitness program.

Key 2 – Goals, Planning & Tracking

Few people turn their life around, especially if they are largely overweight or obese, without having well thought out goals, a structured plan to reach those goals, and consistent tracking of their progress along the way.

Start with an assessment of your current health. Then set realistic goals that challenge you and are still believable. Most people set to aggressive goals when it comes to fat loss. A long term consistent and progressive approach is best.

Key 3 – Programming Your Unconscious Mind

Once you have your goals in writing and a well thought out plan, the next key is to begin the process of programming your goals into your unconscious mind.

You have been busy programming yourself that you are a fat person … now you need to reverse this process. It can be as simple as reviewing your goals each morning, and telling yourself over and over again that you have achieved the goal already. Your unconscious mind is programmed through repitition and the words you use are extremely powerful programming tools.

Once you have programmed your new goals and a new self image you will begin to follow your new lifestyle habits automatically.

Surrounding yourself with like minded people through social support networks is a key step in programming your mind for success.

Key 4 – Understanding Mechanics of Fat Burning

It is important that you understand the truth about the mechanics of fat burning. You need to immunise yourself against the promises of miraculous fat loss by savvy marketers. You need to know that calorie restrictive diets (ie Most of the diet books and diet programs sold today) do not work in the long term.

Yes you may loose a few pounds in the first few weeks … but the question you must ask is this … A few pounds of what?

If it is mostly water and lean body mass then you are setting yourself up for longer term failure even though the scale may be showing short term success.

Diets will make you fatter! You need to know the science behind the fat burning process and then follow these strategies.

Key 5 -Fat Foods Vs Fit Foods

One of the most significant changes you can make right now is simply this … change what you put into your mouth on a consistent daily basis.

This one key alone accounted for 80% of my success to date in burning the fat off my body. I simply changed what I was putting into my mouth from Fat Foods to Fit Foods.

My body responded by ramping up my metabolism, reducing my cravings for junk food, and giving me more energy to exercise and enjoy life.

You need to know and live by the principle of eliminating Fat Foods and eating more Fit Foods.

Visit my Fat Burn Blog for a free report on how to do this.

Key 6 – Metabolic Resistance Training

The key fat burning exercise routine is resistance training.

Scientific studies are showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that resistance training has the greatest effect on the metabolism and therefore fat burning.

Resistance training can be performed at home, in the local park or playground or in the gym.

It involves starting out with bodyweight training, progressing to light weights and eventually to heavy weight training.

It is is the fastest way to burn fat off your body, build lean metabolically active muscle mass and firm and scult your sexy new look.

Resistance training is far superior to steady state aerobic training which has been shown to have little or no impact on fat burning over the long term.

Key 7 – Interval Cardio Training

The next most effective form of exercise is known as interval training. This involves alternating periods of cardio work at near maximum effort followed by periods of lower intensity work.

You repeat these alternating intervals for a period of 20 to 30 minutes and your body will respond by accelerating its fat burning processes.

If you take a long term view and follow these 7 keys to successful fat loss then you will burn the fat from your body.

Remember though that the one overriding law of weight loss will always be creating a caloric deficit. Do this through calorie restrictive diets or following fad diets and you will get fatter in the long term. If you create the calorie deficit by following a nutrition and exercise routine as outlined above then your increased metabolism will create the deficit for you.

Source by Rod S Moore

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