Weight loss can be accomplished no matter what time of year. When you find some lifestyle habits that you can change, it can make your weight loss seems easier and effortless. The trick is to learn as many habits as you can, then pick a few to work into your daily routine. As you learn to replace bad habits with good, you can accomplish your weight loss goals. Here are some weight loss steps to get started with.

Avoid fasts or crash diets for days at a time. One example is attempting a fast or something like the Master Cleanse. These types of techniques are not meant to be used haphazardly. They work only for those who have prepared their bodies by leading up to the fast for weeks or even months before.

The rest of us can get very sick by doing this type of crash diet. Our bodies are not ready for it. Going from the average American diet to fasting can lead to hair loss, muscle loss instead of fat loss, hypoglycemia, and even fainting. And as far as weight loss, you may lose some but you will gain it back very quickly after you start eating again.

Always eat a healthy breakfast. You have been fasting through the night and should break this with a healthy, morning meal. A healthy breakfast will help your metabolism rev up and burn calories. The right breakfast will keep you energized and less prone to snacking or binge eating for lunch. Try organic eggs with steamed vegetables, whole grain toast with almond butter or yogurt with fruit and granola.

Set a goal that is reasonable. Sometimes watching the scale makes it seem like the weight loss is too slow. If this sounds like you, find a pair of jeans that are only one size smaller and go for that. Only check the scale once per week. Don’t expect the weight to come off too fast, instead keep in mind that it will take two to four weeks to start seeing results. Then promise to stick with your plan at least that long.

Exercise regularly. It cannot be stressed how much exercise helps with weight loss. It enhances your weight loss diet by further stimulating metabolism, increasing your immune system and can make you feel more energetic.

If exercise seems too hard, then find something you like. There are many fun activities such as hiking, swimming, yoga classes, kickboxing to music, and even salsa dancing. You can join a class and meet others or do a DVD from home at your own convenience. And just because a DVD workout is 40 minutes does not mean you have to do that long. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up, if you need to. Just do what it takes to move every day.

Be sure to practice portion control. Often, people eat a healthy meal but do not pay attention to how much. Portion control is important because your body can digest only certain amounts of food at once. What is not digested within a few hours after the meal will get stored as excess weight. This is true for eating too much protein, too many grains or too much bread as well as desserts.

Lastly, if you go off your weight loss plan by eating something fattening or skipping a workout; don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the food or your workout break and get right back on track. It is not what you do that one time, but what you do most of the time that will determine if you lose weight or not.

Weight loss may be hard at first; but keep in mind it gets easier as certain habit become routine. This holds true for diet and exercise. Try to work some of these healthy steps into your weight loss plan and you can have weight loss success. And don’t forget to check with your doctor before any diet or exercise change.

Source by Cindy Papp

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